Real Estate

Expert Guidance for Complex Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys have handled the full range of real estate issues—representing a variety of clients from all ends of the residential and commercial real estate spectrum. We work with sellers, buyers, borrowers, lenders, investors, renters and landlords to efficiently handle the most complex real estate transactions. While we always work to resolve disputes out of court, we are seasoned litigators who have represented clients in real estate disputes throughout Washington State.

Clausen Law Firm is an attorney-member of the Commercial Brokers Association and the Associated Builders and Contractors trade associations.

Highlighted Projects

Midway Plywood Inc, Lynnwood, WA

Empress Apartments, now Tobira Condominiums, Seattle, WA

Private Residence, Shoreline, WA

Bellevue Place Tower, Bellevue, WA

Ameritek Building, Everett, WA

Harbour Point, Mukilteo, WA

Real Estate Law Services

Purchase & Sale Representation

Working with buyers, sellers and agents, we have developed expertise in drafting complex purchase documentation that reflect the parties’ interests and agreement. We also work with title companies, escrow agents, lenders and government agencies to ensure that our clients interests’ are protected.

Residential Landlord-Tenant Issues

Most of the residential-side disputes we handle have some unusual aspect that requires highly specific expertise in real estate law. We have taken landlord-tenant disputes to trial and writs of restitution (the official term for sheriff’s eviction) and have effectively advised our clients each step of the way.

Commercial Leasing

Our attorneys have negotiated extensive commercial leases, from simple office and retail-space transactions to complex leases with national commercial businesses. We have extensive experience in dealing with tenants displaced by government condemnation actions. We also work with property managers to ensure satisfactory commercial landlord-tenant relationships.

Construction and Development

We work with developers and land owners on contract drafting and negotiation, title issues and construction issues. We have special expertise in advising homeowners undergoing custom construction projects and have guided clients from purchase and feasibility reviews to final punch lists. For more information, see our Construction practice area.

Liens, Deeds of Trust & Foreclosure

Our experience in construction law has given us an extensive background in the various forms of liens, the priority issues between competing lien holders and the processes by which lien issues are resolved. We have moved to protect clients’ interests in both judicial and non-judicial foreclosures. We have also represented creditor clients through the process of a sheriff’s sale and post-sale issues. Our attorneys have drafted specialized deeds of trust to secure loans for property and other purposes.

LLC Issues

Most commercial and development land ownership today is done by owners creating specific limited liability companies (LLCs). We are able to get a limited liability company created in as little as 24 hours. We also work with groups of owners and investors on how to structure real estate LLCs and about their rights as members of an LLC. For more information, see our Small Business practice area.

Boundary Line Issues and Other Property Owner Disputes

Few disputes can be as contentious and personal as disputes between neighboring property owners. We have advised dozens of clients on fence location and adverse possession claims and the trespass and other issues that accompany them. Our attorneys also have extensive experience with neighbor disputes arising from natural causes, such as drainage water issues, landslides and easements.

Case Studies

We knew that we needed to pursue our claim vigorously or we’d never get anything. Mark Clausen pushed the other side to the point that they realized that settlement was their best option.

Bob Power

Industrial Property Owner

Bob Power and his partners bought property for a warehouse. They went through with the purchase based on a handshake agreement with a company that was to be the main tenant. After substantial funds were spent to purchase the land and design the building, the proposed tenant walked out on the deal. It refused to provide any compensation because the parties had not signed a written lease. Mark Clausen was hired to pursue the company for damages incurred as a result. The company hired the Northwest’s largest law firm to defend it in the lawsuit. The case settled in mediation with a substantial payment to Bob and his partners.

Scott and Marsha Carbury wanted a custom dream home in the hills of eastern Snohomish County. The contractor they hired to build it, however, was not up to the job and soon went out of business. The Carburys came to Mark Clausen after they had already gone through years of litigation. He reoriented the experts to focus on construction defects for which there would be insurance compensation. The case settled in mediation with a substantial payment to the Carburys.

Mark Clausen did a great job for us. He knew what he was doing and his advice was consistently right on.

Scott and Marsha Carbury