Personal Injury

Personal Attention for Your Personal Injury Claim

Have you or one of your loved ones been injured in Seattle or anywhere across the state of Washington because of a defective product or someone else’s negligence? Our attorneys offer superb legal representation for injured clients.

We work strategically and aggressively to get our clients fair compensation for their injuries. We have specialized expertise in handling the following types of injuries, accidents and claims:

  • Auto accident
  • Brain injury
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Construction safety
  • Product liability
  • Vaccine injury

Because we limit the number of personal injury cases that we handle, we are able to offer a higher level of service to our clients. While we have established our reputation handling complex, large-dollar cases, we bring that same expertise and attention to each and every case. We spend time with our clients, learning about their injuries and the impact those injuries have had on their lives. Many of our clients come to us after they have consulted other attorneys but have not been happy with the results.

Proven Results

Focusing our energy pays off for our clients. Many of our clients have won insurance policy limits and achieved results in litigation significantly higher than amounts offered in settlement, while others have received seven-figure settlements for major claims. We understand what your priorities are: Do you want maximum compensation? A timely settlement? Superior medical care? Or acknowledgment of wrongdoing from the negligent party? We listen to your goals and work hard to achieve the right result for you.

Attorney’s Fees Only If You Recover

Clausen Law Firm wants to make your life easier, not add additional financial and emotional stress. For contingency cases, we receive attorney’s fees only as a percentage of the recovery. In other words, we only do well if you do well. If the client recovers nothing, he or she is only responsible for certain costs such as filing fees, photocopy costs and other basic administrative costs. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about your financial responsibilities up front.

Personal Injury Law Services

We handle all negotiations with insurance companies regarding the following:

  • Scope of coverage
  • Defense medical examinations
  • Personal injury protection issues
  • Subrogation issues
  • Other complicated facets of personal injury procedures

Reflecting our commitment to the rights of injured claimants, we are members of the Washington State Association for Justice, the American Association for Justice and the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.

My experience with the Clausen Law Firm has been great. They really know their stuff on personal injury issues, and they are very responsive. I was struck by the high morals and integrity of the team. They are all hard working family folk. I have recommended them to other injured people and will do so in the future.

James R.